Things I like

I like a lot of things as exemple: basketball, freerunning, computers and music.

i live in the Netherlands so basketball isn’t a big thing ,but I like the nba all the basketball players in the NBA are good (really good) and the dunks are cool to see here’s a link to see a dunk ,click here

i also like freerunning I am not really good jet ,but i will practise in the vacation .I’m goingto try a backflip but need some help from sombody because i don’t want to fall on my neck .Here are some fails for parkour(freerunning)click here

I am fascinated by pc’s because its special that sombody can make a thing that find over 1000 of things by just clicking on something .Its also special that people can hack a pc .They also can hack a car right know and thats crazy ,if you want to see it click here

my music are some netherland rapper ,It will sound weird if you don’t know the llanguage of the Netherlands but if you want to try it there are some links the name’s are the rappers boef ,lil kleine and jeugd van tegenwoordig

this were some things i like .

by TIM(Techthinking)